Tha Movement

HETEPU® stems from the root word "hetep" or peace, directly connected to the ancient Kemetic/Egyptian way of life.
This translates to being peace or the transcendence as peace in all situations.
We know this term as 'Nirvana', 'Ultimate Peace', 'Limitless Energy', Ultimate Joy, or Living Peace.
Hetepu® is the way we greet our fellow being, an acknowledgment of our highest states of existence.
We draw inspiration from indigenous and modern streetwear culture.
Coming from both worlds, we saw it only fit to orchestrate synergy between the two planes of living. 
Both world's come from creativity, adapting to their environment and most of all being connected as interwoven families that strive to be their best selves.
Hetepu® focuses on providing cloth for people to wear that resonates with Peace + Prosperity, a message to carry on as you build for your own in this ever dynamic world.
Our indigenous ancestors have continuously spoken to the way acting in likeness of nature, chaotic order.
When we build kingdoms in alignment with nature or God's will, then we can bring earth to the highest echelon like it is supposed to be.
We felt it only right to connect the movement to a human jewel in our Kemetic ancestors who lived as PEACE + PROSPERITY.
We are who we have been waiting for in this lifetime.
We are tapping into and transcending the culture.
Just like we KEEP THA FAMILY™, we intend to KEEP THA CULTURE.
We are your Modern Fashion with an Ancient Edge.
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