Keep The Family®

Keep The Family®

It is often that we are stray from our path of knowing one the world's difficulties cease to be taken away.

However, we must cling to the nature that made us all. The universe does not make mistakes and once we get in alignment then we experience all there is to offer.

We focus on the actual thing that has kept us here which is family (i.e., tribe, clan, village) as a spiritual initiation system, then from this branch we extend into the various areas of life such as religion, business, education. 

In America, it is important to realize that this land was for groups of people formalized as 'corporations' to gather resources together and provide positive empowerment for each community therein.

Keeping The Family is a concept to not be swayed by the small majority of humans that may have been inadvertent or intentional in their attempt to discredit the family structure for growth, education, knowledge, procreation, business prosperity, counsel, etc.

Of course not everyone's family is perfect and we understand that some people have chosen family. Whatever floats your boat in that regard, but there are people you must rock with and take care of.

The responsibilities you owe your family go beyond this cycle of flesh. This is an energetic circumstance not only for your family, but for people on earth that are growing and learning from one another. 

We must be the change that we wish to see without demeaning any others, we do not hate anyone else and we love ourselves.



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