Family As Business With Love As Law [Essay by B'']

Family As Business With Love As Law [Essay by B'']

In the land of the free, and home of the brave, you can find barely that. We live for substance outside of essential, so it is hard to discern from illusion and reality. 

The ground we shoot to cling to comes up like loose dirt. When we look beyond the veil, we see many realities. So which do we follow, even an indigenous perspective has many faces. Why do you think we go through the process of finding our purpose in life?

Our illusion can stem from looking to culturally young civilizations as a means of finding out the truths of the universe. Modern science looks for objective truth outside of human understanding, but it can only be understood through a human lens.

SO, the optic is limited because there are things in nature we still cannot explain (i.e., energetic parallels, dark matter, nueromelanin, etc.,)

What we do know that humans have lived for at least 50,000 years (Anta Diop).


In that 50,000 years at least, we have learned how to become one with the environment, banded together with resources and people to create pockets of civilizations so they could trade between other groups doing the same.

Currency and market types are the not problem, we have always needed each other regardless if we know our differences. The exchange of energy has always been and will always be. The people will need to be empowered to have a decentralized system to give everyone an opportunity to incorporate a trade into their lives (topicals, food, clothes, supplements, etc.,)

Some chose to position family names as a means of starting, expanding and transferring legacy via trade, skills, educations, or resource based projects.

Get into alignment with your family and build something that last for at least 100 years.



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